Electrical Product & Services

In the electrical services, the company strives for providing reliable, efficient, bespoke & cost effective solutions to its valuable customers on Turnkey as well as on contractual basis in the areas of:

Building Electrification & Cabling works

The company provides cabling solutions and wiring materials required for interior electrical systems in buildings which generally are a function of the supposed use and amount of power demanded on the circuit , the temperature and environment in which the wiring/cabling is likely to function , layout of the building and deemed changes in time to come

The company attempts to give quality solutions of distinguished brands on time and on budget sellmyhousefast.com

Fire Alarm Systems

The organization provides Fire and smoke detection systems for business and industry. The company offers offer a full line of systems to fit diverse needs of customers.
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Supply and Installation Of Alternate Power Solutions

Alternate power solutions in Pakistan are generally required for business and domestic usage due to recurring power outages. The company offers solutions that are reliable, cost effective and simple to operate so that scarcity of electricity doesn’t hamper your everyday work and operations. Though there are different ranges of products, solutions offered are generally a function of demand.

CCTV cameras & Surveillance

The organization employs cutting-edge developments in CCTV camera and recording technology that facilitate surveillance camera systems to reliably function in an assortment of demanding conditions. A good CCTV security system of a distinguished brand with excellent specifications will stay relevant for years of quality security protection. CCTV Security systems feature High Definition (HD) Video, Internet Protocol (IP) Connectivity, Night vision up to 250 feet, Remote Viewing and Weather proof Casings for most of our applications.

Public Address System

If you are looking to buy a PA system, mini PA system or a small PA system, we carry a huge assortment of portable PA systems and quality portable sound system packages also. These systems can be employed for an assorted set of applications like school teaching, mosques, Hotel conference rooms, sport coaching, light music applications etc.

Lighting Solutions For Diverse Applications

Lighting solutions include design, installation, testing and commissioning and after sales servicing and troubleshooting for lighting designs to an assorted set of applications including but not limited to streetlights, road lights and highway lights, factories, working areas, offices, interior decoration, hotels, buildings, malls, tennis courts, stadiums, clubs etc.

Generators Sales & Services Applications

Besides the generators that have been employed for commercial and industrial usage in the trail of power shortages countrywide for a couple of years in the past, there is a seeming swell in the demand for solar generators. The company, besides supply, installation and troubleshooting of conventional generators of different ratings and brands, is, now also dealing in solar generators of distinguished brands. That encapsulates the product sale, the installation and after sales troubleshooting and services

Supply and Installation of Video Conferencing Solutions

The company provides Video Conferencing solutions to facilitate clients for clear video and cost effective communication

Supply and installation of PABX systems of Distinguished Brands

Private automatic branch exchange (PABX) allows access to multiple lines to outside callers and for internal staff as well. The company offers PABX systems of various distinguished brands that help effective communication so that your business can perform optimally.
Contract Management/Sub- Contract Management Of Overhead Transmission Projects
Installation/replacement of conductors for overhead line of 11kv, 33kv, 132kv and 220kv are also done by our company. We do project implementation, SCADA maintenance and systems operation as per contract. The supply of material and related equipment shall be subject to confirmation from Principal in case of main contract to a foreign vendor.

Contract management/Sub-contract management Of Underground Transmission Projects

Installation/Replacement of XLPE armored power cable, copper conductor cable and pertinent civil works for utilities and/or Principal contractors to utilities. The supply of material and related equipment shall be subject to confirmation from Principal in case of main contract to a foreign vendor.

Supply and installation Of Breakers, Sockets, Connectors, Distribution Boards

Supply and installation of breakers, sockets, connectors, relays, distribution boards of distinguished brands is done either a part of a project or else wise.

Installation Of Panels, Lighting Goods

Supply/Installation of panels and replacement/repairs of panels and its associated equipment and wiring is also included as a part of company’s work

Building Automation & Control

It is a relatively new field for this company in which the company to provide a diverse range of building automation systems and associated products of renowned brands for more or less all areas of usage and for each technical requirement. Design efforts are done in a way that customers profit from condensed installation and maintenance costs. Principal services include lighting control, heating control and access control.